Plaster & Render Tools

Refina supply only the best quality trade tools and equipment. All tools and trowels are produced in Germany, the UK, Europe or America and are guaranteed for trade use
REFINA specialise in stainless steel trowels which are rust free and durable, and we stock the largest range of specialist stainless steel trowels in the UK for the plaster, floor, concrete, repair and paint trades
We carry some of the largest stocks of hand tools in the UK
Many of those difficult to find or specialist tools are available off the shelf
Refina work with the trade, material producers and colleges to develop new tools and equipment

Stainless Steel Trowels

REFINA stainless steel trowel are produced to a very high standard. They have a premium soft composite blue handle as standard as well as wood, leather and cork handles which are available
All Stainless steel trowels are made in Germany








Plaziflex Trowels

These Plaziflex Skimming Trowels are for finishing and trowelling up topcoat plasters and internal coatings
They are lightweight and easy to use leaving an excellent finish on the final wet skimming coat
The trowel body has a stainless steel blade with alloy shank and soft handle; it slots into the plastic blade holder bracket on the flexible plastic blade






Skimming Spatulas

REFINA supply a range of spatulas with super flexible, semi flexible and ultra flexible stainless steel blades.

The h frame moulded hand grip spatulas are produced with an ultra flexible stainless steel blade. They are used in conjunction with sponge floats to finish plaster surfaces

The new range of skimming spatulas are produced with a rigid aluminium bracket and two different stainless steel blade gauges; a semi-flexible blade for flattening and an ultra-flexible blade for finishing and smoothing





Small Trowels & Tools

All our trowels are produced in Germany to a high standard. We have an extensive range of small trowels and tools. All the trowels are stainless steel so they will not rust. We have a range of shapes and sizes for all your plastering needs









Plastic Trowels & Sponge Floats

Plastic trowels are used mainly to avoid surface discolouration and blade transference from steel trowels.

The range of Refina floats is one of the largest available combining three different sizes and faces.

The new click-clack sponge floats have a quick change plate with sponge attached that is easy and quick to change or replace.











Plaster & Artex Rollers & Brushes

These stipple brushes are made with rubber fingers and are for producing swirl finishes, patterns and textures. The stipple roller is designed to apply and texture external top coat renders, and high build coatings

The water brushes are produced from pure mixed bristle and are used by plasterers for wetting down before final sponging or trowelling








Rendering Tools

REFINA have an extensive range of render tools from mortar guns, harling trowels, scrapers, cutters and levellers

The stainless steel harling trowels are for throwing spar dash and pebble dash onto newly applied sand and cement renders

The scrapers are for giving renders a scraped finish and are used before the final set

The ashlar cutters are used to create recessed joints and profiles in external render

The aluminium straight edge is used for scraping back polymer and colour through renders, improving the flatness and uniformity of the scraped finish





Feather Edges, Rules & Levels

REFINA have a selection of aluminium trapezium shaped and h section shaped feather edges. The box section straight edges and rules are for levelling and finishing wall and floor surfaces. The heavy duty levels have two handle slots and levelling vials